• Ciddi Gibi ENGLISH?

    Human 4.0

    Dream of a young man with short pants and a dirty cap, born in early 1900s. Handful of friends he has from the neighbourhood, maybe also few from the school. Oliver…

  • Bamboo forest

    Pause In Japan: Kyoto

    First time I visited Japan, I spent all my time in Tokyo, where calmness and vibrance of Japanese culture paint the city all with their own unique colors. Back then, I…



    Who would not have Thailand in their bucket list? I did, for sure. Still, I never thought I’d go somewhere else than Bangkok or Phuket. When my lovely travel mate Hazal…


    P&G IT Interns Hıt Brussels

    *Türkçe versiyon için “Hasbihal” sekmesine bakabilirsiniz. When my internship coach first told me that there is an event in Brussels for P&G IT interns from Europe, first thing I thought was…


    Sarah’ya Sevgilerle / To Sarah Wıth Love

    Her şeyin ilki unutulmazdır derler, senelerdir hiç sektirmeden ziyaret ettiğim TÜYAP Kitap Fuarı bu sene yazarlık yolculuğumun ilk TÜYAP’ı olarak hayal edemeyeceğim kadar güzel bir hatıra bıraktı bana, umarım bundan sonrakiler…


    Where Have All Hogwarts Pals Been?

    Harry Potter has been the real charm of our early teenage years, adventure was like real and the characters were just like the icons never gonna die in their touchable heroic…


    What Is Your Purpose Of Visit?

    Although this is a phenomenal joke of comedian Cem Yılmaz, this question is what almost all international passengers heard at least once in their lives : “What is your purpose of…


    Just Lıke The Movıes

    There is this saying we all know: “There are things that happen only in the movies.” Few days ago, I watched an old film, as old as me, which probably would…


    Wand Of Languages

    Lately, I read a super interesting article in Scientific American Mind magazine’s october issue. It was a psychological article which I could find my own experiences in. It is about the…

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