Where Have All Hogwarts Pals Been?

Harry Potter has been the real charm of our early teenage years, adventure was like real and the characters were just like the icons never gonna die in their touchable heroic stories. It is still same for some of us but eventually we are all grown up and realized that there is no school like Hogwarts and the wood is just wood.For me, this is still impressing just after I watched any of the movies.And I know from magazines that those girls and boys wear some different clothes like Channel, Armani rather than black gowns. And also although their role is kind of stuck on them, they led some different lives and carreers and some of them finally ended up being real celebrities.
Harry Potter / Daniel Radcliffe
Well, everyone was expecting a bad fortune like Macaulay Culkin for him too maybe because of jealousy or bad repetition of child stars. Although he had some issues about alcohol, Radcilffe achieved to focus on his career more than other stuff. He did not go to college but kept acting. His later works were not that famous like Harry Potter, but it is known that he also acted in some theatre plays like famous Equus which invited him alsto to stages and to Broadway where he got some connection with Manhattan since then. He got some awards, worked for charity, did really good stuff. And of course got the top in most of the lists of the richest and the youngest people combinations. He is gonna play Igor in the famous Frankenstein story, it seems it it is gonna worth to see.

Kill Your Darlings, Radcliffe acts as a poet

Hermione Granger / Emma Watson
Just like the wise and principled Hermione, Watson was sure to go to college and she finally ended up with a degree from the faomus Ivy Leauge member Brown. Among the three of their “brohood” she was the one who really reached up on the sky. We saw her in some teenage movies which were not really diseaster, actually the first one is really good: The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Billing Ring. And her role in Noah was also a major work for her career. On the other hand, some brands chased her unique beauty and we were able to see lots of pictures of her in Channel and Burberry advertisements. She also did some charity and looks like managed to be a real role model rather than Lizzie McGuire or Hannah Montana.

Graduation from Brown, well done Hermione !

Ron Weasley / Rupirt Grint
Grint also has some extention of the character of Weasley like being some funny, nuts and also arachnophobiac. After he earned so much money, he bought a van and started selling ice cream because it was his childhood dream. He also kept acting and he is not bad at all. Why he was not that famous like Watson as the second main character is maybe he was not that ambitious, we do not know. He preferred to live what he built maybe, but people liked to see him on campaign supporting the milk drinking as well.

This ads was on all buses in UK

Draco Malfoy / Tom Felton
Yet most of us expect that this cruel, bad guy lives in some dirty castle where nobody dares to knock on, he is so lively and kind. After Harry Potter series, he also kept acting like he did before Harry Potter. He proved his ability in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Not only he acted but he also was involved in music. If you just google some of him singles like “If You Could Be Anywhere” you can see that annoying kid as a romantic and kind young man.
Ginnie Weasley / Bonnie Wright
After the series, Bonnie did not stop walking this way but changed the path.She went to University of the Arts: London College of Communication. She both did some modelling and acting but she focused on to become a producer and director which her very first works have already been produced. It is possible to see her still on the stage but it seems that she is gonna prefer the back stage.
Luna Lovegood / Evanna Lynch
Is freaky Luna as freaky as in the movie? Well she says this is why she felt close to Luna. Around her 11’s, she unfortunately had to deal with anorexia nervosa in the rehab. She says it changed her life a lot so she acted very differently like she has a different window out of the life. She kept acting mostly in art movies and also did charity based on her previous bad experiences. She also designed accesories which some of them were really used in Harr Potter movies. It seems that she is not gonna choose to be that popular and lead her own way.
Neville Longbottom / Matthew Lewis
Neville was the boy who was not that popular, sometimes just to fill the gap of the story and until the last film maybe not even unchangable. But he was the one who destroyed a horcrux and proved that he was one of the “Big Seven” of the story by the statement of J. K. Rowling herself. Nowadays, he keeps acting both in movies and on the stage and hopefully on the right way. He also is the vice-president of his favourite rugby team’s charity. Somehow, he is like chasing his childhood dreams like Grint’s ice cream van. I also admit that he is my favourite in terms of “ aduItevolution” among other Hogwarts pals. I mean, who would expect that this shy, red cheeked boy Neville is gonna be such a handsome guy? Wow.

The Evolution

Cedric Diggory / Robert Pattinson
No doubt, Pattinson is the real breakthrough of all Hogwarts. Although he was dead in a heroic way and acted only for one episode, he spent rest of his time being “immortal”. It is impossible to remember Cedric while we have the “best vampire ever” Edward Cullen, right? All kidding aside, he kept acting really successfully that not only did he get famous with major Twilight series, but he also acted in many different movies so that he proved that he is not only a teenage dream but a real actor. He absolutely did moedelling, charity and hit some lists. As a result of that fame, there were lots of rumors and papparazzi news about him and his love affair with Kristen Stewart which ended very badly. Nowadays, he keeps going up in acting and dating with someone else, his name is even given to an asteroid by a Russian scientist. So, what is next?
Dudley Dursley / Harry Melling
It seems that cousin Dudley also changed a lot after his bullying career. Melling kept but he only showed up on the stage and in some series, not any movies other than Harry Potter. It can be hard to recognize him anymore because he lost weight so successfully that he had to wear a fat suit for the last episode of Harry Potter he acted. It is obvious that Dudley had no fan yet Draco Malfoy even had some fans, but I hope Melling is happy with what he is doing now.

Melling acted in Merlin for one episode

Vincent Crabbe / Jamie Waylett
Maybe it is hard to recognize this name but he was the friend of Malfoy, at least helped him for some evil plans. Unfortunately Waylett could not lead a successful career because of some drug and prison issues. He did not act in any other movies. He sentenced for several years both because of illegal demonstrations and cannabis. He is now released. It seems that Waylett was really matching with a trouble maker bad guy character but for the future, I wish him really really good luck.
Argus Filch / David Bradley
Well, Filch was not a student of course, maybe not in the team with others. But he was a good guy and one of the icons in Hogwarts. Of course Bradley is a real actor whose career can not be based on Harry Potter only. But for my generation, it was built by Argus Filch. Lately, he was the Walder Frey of Game of Thrones, which was really hard to believe for me that he was the Filch himself. Filch’s style was totally different so you probably can not recognize this man when you see him acting in another film. But he keeps acting yet he is already 72, congrats!
Fleur Dleacour / Cleménce Poésy
Dear Fleur Delacour, a human shaped flower, an elegant lady just like the French stereotype requires. Because she was amazingly beautiful and native both at French and English, she had a succesfull career as an actress. I unfortunately saw her only in some episodes of Gossip Girl as the girlfriend of Chuck Bass but it seems she was pretty good at other works because she was nominated for some awards already. She absolutely did some modelling, but she is not that teenager lady anymore, she is already over 30s but still has the same sophisticated appearance.

So French!

Cho Chang / Katie Leung
Very first love and kiss of Potter, not ended up with a relationship but Leung is already appriciated by the Harr Potter fans as the innocent first love of Harry. I hoped she would be the second Lucy Liu but she moved in a different direction. She is still involved in acting, but her focus was on other art branches like photography and design. She did many charity works by using her artworks also. Because she was Scottish, I looked for any independence messages coming from her but I could not find any. Maybe she is really busy with her artworks but I hope she will end up with better news on the media than being the girl who was kissed by Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe both.

P.S. I know that Delacour and Dudley are not in the Hogwarts and Filch is not a student at all. This is my perception, I wanted to include those people yet there were absolutely many important actors and actresses like Carter, Rickman and Fiennes… That’s all.

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