Hoping to be a true generalist in life. My effort so far in reverse-chronological order:

> Recruiter at a hardware startup for AI safety, learning passionately
> MA in Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences in Columbia University
> Lived in New York, Warsaw, Hong Kong and Istanbul. My favorite city is Tokyo though.
> Published two novels in Turkish. My second novel, Ancient Man, is available in English on KDP.
> On-and-off podcast, The Generalist, on Spotify (mostly in Turkish, some English episodes)
> Published a children’s book, Kendi Yolunda, as a non-profit project with “uncommon” characters like a female sea captain, a male kindergarten teacher. DM me for collaborations.
> Kind of addicted to running. Also dancing but it’s more manageable. 
> Studied industrial engineer and psychology (love this combo) in Sabanci University, Turkey.
> Studied in Istanbul Ataturk Fen Lisesi (high school specialized in natural sciences)
> For Turkish speakers: Bengisu is more common, yes, but this is how the registrar put my name on my ID card.
> Born in Corum, super small city, has some cool ruins and a local snack: ‘leblebi’ (a.k.a. my nickname in all games)

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