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There is this saying we all know: “There are things that happen only in the movies.” Few days ago, I watched an old film, as old as me, which probably would be listed in that only-in-the-movies kind of stories. But it was so gripping, so genuine and so natural that I thought maybe those things are not happening only in the movies but we do not let those things to happen in our lives. I am not one of that romantic, soppy type of people who are extremely affected by the romance in the scenario but yet I insist on the theory that those scenarios are not that impossible to happen in the real life. You’ll see.

OK, the movie was “Before Sunrise”. Those of you who have watched, and those of you who just googled it, even tough I found lots of personal analysis, wonderful quotes and a simple friendship in the story, yes eventually it was a romantic movie. Just to base the important part of my claim on I will tell some of the plot, which is the beginning of the story. I will avoid giving spoiler, no worries. There are two young tourists who are a beautiful French girl and an American boy in the same train from somewhere in Europe to Paris with some reasonable purposes. They sit next to each other by coincidence and start talking about a noisy couple on the train, what books they read etc. . The conversation keeps going. The boy has to leave the train in Vienna for a flight in tomorrow morning, the girl is supposed to go back to Paris of course. And he asks to the girl whether she would spend the whole night with him wandering around the Vienna streets or not. Of course he does not ask it as if he asks for the time, he speaks very well to convince her. The girl, who does not have some deadlines or a bossy family or at least have no matter of life and death, accepts this offer and they live an unforgettable, romantic and funny night together. So far so good. And then? The ending is not a complete disaster or a romantic cliche but the point the story began with haunted me after watching the movie. I kept thinking “what if”. I asked myself what if i was this girl on the train, would I get off the train, being able to be such a reckless? Would I even let a stranger to talk to me for that long?

the moment that I never would choose to close the book and ask another question to the stranger I met.

Most of the times, we are victims of our rational decisions. We always try to choose the best, have a backup plan, think all the details carefully for everything, for today and for the future. And yes, at the end of the day: “my life is so monotonous that i feel like I am getting drowned.” Perfect! Romantic, heroic or terrific, I do not think those stories in the movies are impossible to happen. It is just we do not have enough courage, enough adventurousness. Can the stranger in the train be a thief? Absolutely yes. But he may not be. Do you need to limit your spendings? Of course, you are not a fool. But do you always have to book a hotel for a vacation? Well, maybe sometimes you should not. Or why don’t you work in an amusement park for the summer instead lying on the couch all day? Why don’t you ask what is the favourite movie of people that you just met, what is so bad trying to get to know them?

Before expecting “too much adventure” from the universe, we should ask ourselves if we are the right players. Would you go alone to a place of the town that you’ve never been just to discover a new restaurant and a few narrow streets? Would you dance with some stranger whom your friend brought to your birthday party? Or think even simpler, would you say yes to a one-day-vacation without thinking of more than 2-3 constraints?  Just watch the movie, and ask yourself, would you get off the train, or not?

P.S. Those of you who know about the other 2 movies of the story after the “Before Sunrise”, I did not watch these intentionally. I do not care about their ending, just focus on the beginning 🙂

this painting of C.D. Friedrich haunts you, makes you ask to yourself how many of those mountains you could discover so far, how many you could have.


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